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Christmas is a party that can celebrate the world’s most famous people with great ecstasy. Today, this festival is celebrated with enthusiasm not only abroad but also in India. Christmas with a diverse culture of India is also completely mixed. Over the centuries, this festival shares the happiness of people and is an example of love and harmony.


This festival also reflects our social environment, which has strengthened the fraternity between the different classes. Christmas means human salvation and equality.You should visit our Merry christmas 2018 and Happy New Year 2019 According to the Bible, God predicted 800 a. C. through his devotee Isaiah, that a prince was born in this world and that his name is called Emmanuel. Emmanuel means “God with us”. The prophecy of Isaiah proved true and it was the birth of Jesus Christ.

The first message of the birth of Jesus was found in the poorest part of the world. He was a harvester of hard workers. When they received this message on the cold night, they protected their sheep without realizing the dangers of open skies. A star shines and the team of parables and angels inform the shepherds that a child is born between them and will be their king. When poor people around the world were happy to hear this news, the king, who oppressed the poor, was furious. He gave the order to kill all the children in his state until the age of two, so that no king would compromise his power in the future. If you see the good, the guilty are so sad and annoying. It is the symbol of Satyattya. Jesus Christ came to eliminate this satanic.

Jesus Christ did not choose the home of a rich person to be born human. He was born in the grass of a poor man. In fact, they came to save the poor, the innocent, the exploited and the suffering. That’s why he chose his place among these people since his birth. It was good news. You may also like christmas 2018 And you lovew new year then refer to New year 2018.


At the age of 30, Jesus Christ raised his voice against social disorder. He preached to help the poor and the oppressed, to live in love, not to desire, to disobey God and the state, to meet the needs of the needy and not to pay more than necessary. Today, the message of the message of Jesus Christ is of great importance, because even though social problems have changed in form, they are still present in society and must be the victims of the poor, the afflicted, the oppressed, the victims. and victims. the Dalits

Jesus Christ taught equality for society. He has repeatedly said that he is the Son of God, and although there are many evils in the world, such as cruelty, injustice, and lack of equality, they are all equal in the world. house of God. He emphasized the need to create a society that does not have the place of cruelty and injustice and must be with all love and equality. One of these stories comes from the Bible, which belongs to a Samaritan woman. When Jesus asked for water to drink, the woman said: Why does a woman ask me questions about the Samaritan woman? In fact, the Jews did not treat any people with the Samaritans and considered them less. But Jesus drank the water from his hands. Jesus Christ gave hope and message of life to the oppressed, the oppressed and the defenseless. He has devoted his whole life to human well-being. That’s why they sentenced him to death on the cross. But when people who work for the good of others are afraid of the death penalty.Some people looking for informaiton about christmas Day 2018 And some people wondering for both like Merry christmas and happy new year.

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Christmas is special for many things like Christmas tree, star, poisonus, etc. And yes, many people believe that Santa offers gifts to children on Christmas day. The tendency to remember Santa began in the fourth century and was San Nicolás, bishop of the city of Meera in Turkistan. Santa, dressed in a red and white dress, is a thick mythological figure who rides the reindeer and plays an important role among the Samaroh, especially the children.So along with these Check our information about Happy christmas Day 2018 And Happy Happy new year 2019 too.


Christmas is a celebration of expectations and happiness. The life and teachings of Jesus Christ are still relevant, as poverty, racism and social disparities exist in society. If we look around and understand the misery of the poor and helpless and make them smile, their efforts like those of Jesus Christ, we will receive the true happiness of Christmas.

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